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   Latest 60 Security News and Alerts from all the top Security NEWS SOURCES

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  • Protecting Financial Data From Cyber Attacks
  • 51 UPS Stores Suffer Data Breach Due to System Malware SYSCON Media press release
  • Symantec in $12m security boost
  • Facebook Awards Internet Defense Prize
  • Krysanec Android Malware Masquerades as Legitimate Apps
  • Defru Malware Disguised as AntiVirus Software Targets Windows Users in Russia
  • US Military Banned From Reading Glenn Greenwalds New Website
  • Operation Flag Day GCHQ Launches Online Spy Game To Find Cyber Security Talent
  • Clicktosavings virus
  • SunrinseBrowse virus
  • Universities fail to get to grips with cyber security
  • Pair face phone hacking allegations Daily Mail
  • Millions of Android smartphones at risk of hacking in Middle East
  • US Nuclear Regulatory Commission was hacked 3 times in 3 years The Week Magazine
  • Lt. Gov. Duffys Back on Twitter After His Account Was Hacked TWC News
  • The Real Deal Car Hacking WRGB
  • Vietnamese hackers invited to join maiden hacking contest Tuoitrenews
  • Patients offered free protection after hacker attack Statesboro Herald
  • Why Ikea Is Making a Deal With Its No. 1 Hacker Slate Magazine blog
  • Microsoft Security Bulletin Minor Revisions Issued August 20 2014
  • Hackers Were Busy at Black Hat
  • JB accounting firms email hacked
  • Nutanix set to launch new hyperconverged platform at VMWorld 2014
  • GCHQ launches cyber war games to find future spooks
  • Researchers build security framework for Android
  • Heartbleed bug linked to US hospital group hack
  • Reveton Ransomware Gains Credential Stealing Feature
  • 51 UPS Locations Hit by PointofSale Malware
  • Website of Indian Politician L.K. Advani Defaced
  • Andr SpyABW
  • Mal EncPkAMO
  • Troj IframeLK
  • Troj MSILADB
  • Troj MSILADC
  • Troj MSILADD
  • Troj VBHNY
  • Troj VBHNZ
  • W32 FuzVirB
  • United Parcel Service infected with credential stealing malware
  • Automatic logins leave back door wide open to hackers
  • CVE20145382
  • CVE20144929
  • CVE20144750 powervc
  • CVE20144749 powervc
  • CVE20144618 documentum content server
  • CVE20143514 ruby on rails
  • CVE20143340 webex meetmenow
  • CVE20143331 asr 5000 series software
  • CVE20142524
  • CVE20142521 documentum content server
  • CVE20142520 documentum content server
  • CVE20142518 digital assets manager documentum administrator documentum capital projects documentum records manager documentum wdk documentum w
  • CVE20142517 rsa archer egrc
  • CVE20142515 documentum d2
  • CVE20142511 digital assets manager documentum administrator documentum capital projects documentum webtop engineering plant facilities manageme
  • CVE20142505 rsa archer egrc
  • CVE20140641 rsa archer egrc
  • CVE20140640 rsa archer egrc
  • When Payroll Taxes Pyramid It Means Penalties Even Jail
  • webapps MyBB 1.8 Beta 3 Multiple Vulnerabilities


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