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   Latest 60 Security News and Alerts from all the top Security NEWS SOURCES

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  • Docker Linux Containers and Security Does It Add Up
  • Content Security Policy Report Aggregator
  • MAST An Obfuscation Toolkit
  • Script Execution and Privilege Escalation on Jenkins Server
  • Using the gyroscope to record sound without microphone permissions on Android PDF
  • Researchers find its terrifyingly easy to hack traffic lights
  • Latest Gameover botnet lays low looking to resist takedown
  • UPS says 51 stores infected with credit card stealing malware
  • What four strategies have been proven to stop cyberattacks in their tracks
  • Proofpoint to Present at Upcoming Conferences MarketWatch
  • Reveton Ransomware Gets Serious Upgrade with Pony Stealer Infosecurity Magazine
  • Brazil Peru and Mexico rampant with malware attacks in 1H14 Business News Americas
  • Panda Free Antivirus 2015 PC Magazine
  • Tor Browser Hardening Features Under Scrutiny
  • A New Spin on Rogue Antivirus
  • Bitcoin Phishing Campaign Targets 400 Organizations
  • Draft paper to address NBN gaps
  • Subscriber jump as iiNet revenue tops $1bn
  • Thermal imaging close at hand
  • ATO demands take of bitcoin action
  • UPS Store hit with malware attack in 51 franchised locations
  • Keeping Your Child Safe Online
  • Finding Unknown Threats with Anomaly Detection
  • Five Tips For Successful Enterprise BYOD Implementation
  • 4.5 Million Patient Records Accessed in CHS Hack
  • Machete Cyber Espionage Attacks Target SpanishSpeaking Countries
  • Graphic Library Flaw Exposes Apps Created With Delphi C plus plus Builder
  • Reveton Ransomware Upgraded to Steal Passwords
  • Cybercriminals Deliver PointofSale Malware to 51 UPS Store Locations
  • Counterfeit U.S. Cash Floods Crime Forums
  • Heartbleed behind massive healthcare data breach
  • Dirty politics More hacked emails to be released 3News NZ
  • Lt. Gov. Duffy a Twitter star says account was hacked The Journal News
  • Check out these hacked Netflix apps for Oculus Rift Philips Hue videos VentureBeat
  • Australian surveillance law will legalize snooping on and hacking the entire . Boing Boing
  • Shands of Live Oak Patients Among 4.5 Million Hacked WCTV
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission hacked 3 times in 3 years
  • Ikea Is Making a Deal With Its No. 1 Hacker Slate Magazine blog
  • 5 Proven Ways to Motivate and Retain Your Technology Team
  • Your Phone Can Be Snooped On Using Its Gyroscope
  • Tor Browser Security Under Scrutiny
  • FBI Beware of healthcare hackers
  • FBI warns healthcare companies they are targeted by hackers
  • Computer hackers in China hit area hospitals steal patient data
  • The Puerile Nature of HTTP Shaming
  • Moving toward smart and secure continuous software delivery
  • Traffic Lights System Hacked in Michigan
  • Stanford University Webpage Defaced
  • Onsite Health Diagnostics Breach Affects 4076 Individuals
  • 38Day Long DDoS Siege Amounts to Over 50 Petabits in Bad Traffic
  • Malvertising Is Strong On YouTube
  • Troj FeebDlAD
  • Troj AgentAIMS
  • Troj AgentAIMT
  • Troj AgentAIMU
  • Troj AgentAIMV
  • Troj AgentAIMW
  • Troj AgentAIMX
  • Troj InjectAXU
  • Troj PDFJsAHA


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